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AirAsia FAQ1 No Passport Can buy ticket or not



Q1:If I don’t have Passport or my passport is expiring soon, can I still buy the AirAsia Ticket?


答案;可以。没有Passport或者要过期,都可以订飞机票。原因:当你订飞机票时候,是不需要输入Passport 资料的。(只限AirAsia)。如果是需要输入Passport资料的话,大家可以输入旧的资料或者随便输入一些号码(之后你拿到新的Passport时,就可以更新(update)Passport资料。

A1: Yes, you can buy AirAsia without having a passport or your passport is expiring soon. Reason: Normally, when booking with AirAsia, they doesn’t require Passenger to insert passport details, all details required are FULL NAME (as shown in your MyKad or Passport) and birthday date. Even there is a column for Passport details, you can randomly fill in, because you can update the details later.




Note: You will need to have a valid Passport to travel outside Malaysia. Passport must be valid at least 6 month before the holder perform any journey abroad.


AirAsia FAQ1 No Visa Can buy ticket or not


Q2:If I do not have valid VISA, can I still purchase the AirAsia Tickets?



A2:Yes, you can purchase without having a VISA.



Note: You will need a Valid VISA to travel to some countries, i.e. China, Australia, New Zealand. VISA can be obtained at travel agent place at RM30-RM50 price. Malaysian Passport holder can travel to Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, South Korea, without having to apply for VISA in prior.



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