其实订机票和买东西时一样的道理,一定要货比三家!比如,我们选机票的时候,一定要和相同的路线查看其他航空的价钱,别一味的以为AirAsia是最便宜,很多时候,其他航空(Malindo Air 或者 Malaysia Airlines) 会比较便宜哦,当然AirAsia多数时候还是比较便宜。

When comes to booking flight, it is the same as we are doing our groceries. Comparing prices between goods is a must. The logic is the same for flight booking, when we are checking on some flight, we need to check on the similar route by another airlines, sometimes it is a lot cheaper by other airlines. But, most of the time, AirAsia is still the cheapest.


同样的,酒店也是一样。订购酒店,每个人都有不同的方法,有人喜欢Agoda, 有人爱用, 也有人用 AirAsiaGo, Expedia, AsiaRooms, AsiaWebDirect,, 等等,还有数不完的网络酒店订购平台。身为精明的消费者,要货比三家,同时间的酒店,要查看最少3间以上的酒店。所以说,旅游并不是表面上看得那么爽,大家都要感谢每次做planning的那个朋友呀。

When comes to hotel booking, it is the same! Some would prefer Agoda, but some like, and some are using many other hotel booking platform, you name it, AirAsiaGo, Expedia, AsiaRooms, etc. To be a smart user, we compare at least 3 different website in order to get the cheapest fares.



今天主要的示范就是要给大家一个AirAsia 吉隆坡来回台北的机票还有住宿。

Here is the demonstration where you can save RM200+ with AirAsiaGo booking system!

赞助内容 vs +

vs +

Travel Date


22 Nov 2016 – 26 Nov 2016
Route (行程) Kuala Lumpur to Taipei v.v.

吉隆坡 来回 台北

Hotel (酒店) ECFA Hotel Ximen
Number of People


2 pax
Payment Mode


Credit Card (Visa, Master)

(注意, 和 是不同的东西呀,AirAsiaGo 是一个独立网站,专卖AirAsia机票还有机票+酒店的网站)

总共的价钱是 RM2831.33 (全包哦,来回机票+行李+酒店)

The Total Amount for AirAsiaGo is RM2831.33, all inclusive of Return tickets, baggage allowance, and hotel fee.

查看AirAsiaGo 来回机票+行李+酒店 (两个人) RM2831.33

AirAsiaGo RM2831.33

AirAsia + Agoda

AirAsia的来回机票就要RM2010.16 了。然后Agoda那边的酒店(一样的酒店)要RM956.53. 所以,AirAsia + Agoda的总共是RM3057.69.(全包哦,来回机票+行李+酒店)

On the other hand, separate booking costs total of RM3057.67 which consists of AirAsia Flight (RM2010.16) and Agoda Hotel (RM957.53).


airasia fare rm2010.16

查看Agoda ECFA 酒店的价钱 RM956.53

hotel RM 956.53


Item Price RM2831.33 + Agoda RM3057.69

这个结论很明显,分开订会比较贵!如果用 订的话,就便宜了整整RM226,是便宜了RM226,RM226,RM226!!

The summary is quite straight forward, with AirAsiaGo, the whole journey save RM226 in nett.



我们的黄金守则,【货比三家】,版主建议大家先到AirAsiaGo那边查查看,然后再以AirAsiaGo的价钱为标准,然后再一个一个去比较,那么就会找到最便宜的机票啦。是不是今天又学到一个新东西呢?分享给朋友吧~ 别再傻傻订到贵的机票+酒店啦~ Oppa Sharing Makes Better!


Please do take note that, this is does not mean AirAsiaGo website is always cheaper. We still practice the compare fare price, our suggestion is to take AirAsiaGo price as our price reference and we compare the fare with one another. Learn something new today? Share it with your friends, OppaSharing Makes Better!


规划行程前,记得到 #OppaTravelbook & #SEE游记 查看行程

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