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昨天首相发布的旅游津贴方案RM100(digital vouchers)国内旅游,今天可以在马航网站申请了!这个津贴可以用于国内旅游,可以使用在马航的Stimulus Cuti Malaysia配套(刺激国家经济配套)


Register now for your Stimulus Cuti Malaysia.

As announced by the Interim Prime Minister, all Malaysians will be eligible for digital vouchers of up to RM100 for domestic flights under the Stimulus Package 2020. Malaysia Airlines is excited to offer you this discount, and we’re working to ensure our systems are ready for you soon. Once more details have been confirmed and our systems are ready to go, we’ll update this page again. 

Do fill in the form below to register your interest and we will contact you.

规划行程前,记得到 #OppaTravelbook & #SEE游记 查看行程

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